Seaside Inn FAQ

How much does a room cost?

Factors that affect the answer of this question:

  • Ocean view
  • Private/shared bath
  • Bed size
  • Third person, $25 extra
  • Dog, $35 extra
  • Which floor the bedroom is on
  • Time of season
  • Late check out


Amenities included in your stay

  • Common television in the library
  • Wi-Fi
  • 24 hour customer service (between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM please call and/or text 207-542-7040)
  • Local newspapers available in the library
  • On-site parking during your stay
  • Coffee and tea available 24 hours a day in the library
  • Friendly, local conversation
  • Printing service (please see manager for assistance)
  • Fan, hairdryer and magazines in each room
  • Mini refrigerator/ freezer in all guest rooms
  • Extra pillows


Activities and places to visit

  • Wyeth By Water Lobster Tour
  • Private charter
  • Art galleries
  • Local pubs
  • Kayak and paddleboard with the Port Clyde Kayak Shop
  • Monhegan Island
  • Beach
  • Marshal Point Lighthouse
  • Museums
  • Sunset, lighthouse and puffin cruises
  • Village Ice Cream Shop
  • Gift shops


Where can I eat on the peninsula?

  • Port Kitchen
  • Ocean House Dining Room
  • Dip Net
  • Harpoon
  • Happy Clam
  • Quarry Tavern
  • Schoolhouse Bakery

What is the history of the Inn?

Sea Captain’s home in 1850.



5 Cold Storage Road Port Clyde, Maine 04855 

Please note the Seaside Inn is located in the village of Port Clyde which located in the town of Saint George. Some GPS models do not recognize Port Clyde and therefore we suggest typing in Saint George (04860) instead.


Cell Phone Reception

Because we are located at tip of the St. George peninsula, cell phone reception may not always be reliable. Email and iMessage, if applicable, are the best ways to communicate. Texts usually go through better than phone calls. We have two phone lines and welcome you use our landline to make an important call if needed.


Laundry Service

The Seaside Inn offers laundry services to guests and the public 7 days a week. $10 to wash, dry and fold a load.



The Seaside Inn offers parking to the public during the shoulder seasons while visiting neighboring islands for $10 a night. Terms and conditions specific to the time of season. Limited availability.

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