Marine Services, Port Clyde

Port Clyde General Store from the water


The Port Kitchen: Breakfast, Lunch, Picnics to Go
The Dip Net: Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails, Wharf-side

Enjoy excellent small harbor services, dining, and provisioning. Our somewhat rickety but cleanly swept general store has steaming coffee and hot chocolate, a selection of local pastries, cheeses, groceries, fresh vegetables, fruit, hand cut meats, local lobsters and fish, wines, beers and spirits. Our deli offers hot meals, pizza, hot breakfast sandwiches, pre-made sandwiches and salads, smoothies and features Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine® Lobster Roll.

Fuel & Ice

Diesel and gas for your boat, gas for your automobile, bottled propane, provisions and ice. Boat and auto fuel available 24 hours/ 7 days a week, credit and debit only.


The Seaside Inn, located across the street, offers laundry services 7 days a week. $10 to wash, dry and fold a load. They will give you a call when your laundry is done.


A public shower is available during store hours, 6AM to 9PM/ 7 days a week, for $5 per person. Pay at the register in the Port Clyde General Store and the cashier will give you the key. Towels and amenities not included.

Trash Disposal

You may dispose of your boat trash in our dumpster located in the fenced in area on the dock for $5 per bag.


We have 17 moorings available for rent for $35/night to Port Clyde visitors, tailored to your boat size and swing room needs. The maximum boat length we can accommodate is 50ft. Call Marine Services at 207-372-6543 ex. 1. We monitor Channel 9.

Nightly Tie Up on The Dock

We offer short-term nightly tie up on our dock for broken down boat repair. Boat insurance is required for anyone utilizing any of our slip/dock services. Dock owner assumes no risk for use of dock/floats for tie up, loading or offloading after hours or when the facility is closed. The nightly tie up fee is $40. Pay inside the Port Clyde General Store. Sleeping on your boat when tied to the dock is not permitted. From Memorial Day through Columbus Day you may arrange lodging accommodations at the Ocean House Hotel or Seaside Inn, both across the street, by calling 207.372.0700.

Ship to Shore Launch Service

Our marine services crew will cheerfully dispose of your boat trash ($5 per bag), and provision your boat with your list for the Port Clyde General Store, which is a full spirits liquor store. We will transport you and your family and guests in the comfort of our Carolina 14′ DLX launch service as often as you wish while in port and even bring hot meals to your boat from the deli, including our ever popular homemade haddock chowder. Being on our moorings brings many dividends in service! Sunset evenings on the wharf can be a lifetime memory. Service available from 7AM to 7PM.