Monthly Archives: October 2008

Is “green” certification an answer?

Maine’s lobster industry, facing a “Perfect Storm” of economic and regulatory challenges, is partway through the process of achieving certification as a sustainable fishery, led by an enthusiastic group of processors and harvesters. Not everyone in the lobstering business is … Continue reading

Lobster prices tank as diners claw back spending

PORTLAND, Maine — The price of Maine lobster, which accounts for 80 percent of the U.S. catch, is tanking. The primary factor, a drop-off in demand by penny-pinching diners, has been in place since summer. But a secondary problem recently … Continue reading

Lobster buyer a proponent of more local processing

PORT CLYDE, Maine — Linda Bean, president of Port Clyde Lobster, has identified a weakness in the lobster industry’s current financial difficulties. “The problem is not low production, as some earlier predicted,” she said in a recent e-mail to the … Continue reading

Low lobster prices elsewhere causing concerns here

The economic turmoil happening around the globe, and in particular in the United States, has been causing deep concern for lobster fishermen in Maine who have been seeing their lobsters selling for $3 a pound and less.

Branding Maine’s lobster industry

(Marnie MacLean, NECN: Freeport, ME) – The international credit freeze is having a crippling effect on Maine’s lobster industry. Off-the-boat prices are as low as they’ve been in decades. Many fishermen say it’s no longer worth it to haul their … Continue reading

Linda Bean Brings Together Two New England Icons

The granddaughter of Maine retailer L.L. Bean bought two lobster wharves in midcoast Maine last year and has quickly become one of the largest wholesalers in the state. She’ll sell about 2.2 million pounds of lobster this year under the … Continue reading