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SENA15: Maine Lobster Trap Fishery Expands MSC Client Group

The Maine lobster trap fishery on Monday expanded its Marine Stewardship Council client group, adding two new companies and two individuals to its board of directors.

Illinois-based seafood distributor The Mazzetta Co. and Harbor Seafood of New Hyde Park, N.Y., are now clients, joining Shucks Maine Lobster, Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Lobster, Goat Island Lobster, Amalgamated Seafood and Cape Seafood. Mazzetta’s Dave Fitzgerald and Christian Limberg, president of Harbor Seafood, are now on the board of directors.

Brian Perkins, director of the MSC-Americas region, was on hand during a brief announcement Sunday morning at Shucks Maine Lobster’s booth (No. 2353) at Seafood Expo North America.

Harbor also announced the formation of a new, separate company, Harbor’s Maine Lobster, which will market and distribute Maine seafood products, including live and processed lobster products.

Limberg said the company was “showing its commitment and dedication to Maine and its resources” in establishing the new company, which will employ the marketing slogan “Trust ME.”