Monthly Archives: May 2009

Huge lobster roll to be colossal creation

PORTLAND, Maine — As record-setting sandwiches go, the planned world’s largest lobster roll will be a colossal crustacean creation. A team of culinary whizzes plan to combine 45 pounds of lobster meat, four gallons of Miracle Whip and a special … Continue reading

World’s Biggest Lobster Roll?

What’s the trickiest thing about making the world’s longest lobster roll? A hint: It has nothing to do with lobster. “I think the hardest part is probably going to make sure the bun comes out correctly,” said Alan A. Casucci, … Continue reading

Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Attempts World’s Longest Lobster Roll

Look out for Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine as they make a Guinness World Record Attempt! Their feat will involve assembling and authenticating the World’s Longest Lobster Roll: A 60 foot long Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Lobster Roll!!