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Maine Lobster Promotion Council Officially Appointed to Certify World’s Longest Lobster Roll

Guinness World Record™ Attempt to Take Place at the 36th Annual Old Port Festival on June 7, 2009 in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine—The Maine Lobster Promotion Council’s Executive Director, Dane Somers, along with Portland’s Mayor, Jill Duson have been appointed to officially certify the upcoming attempt to build the World’s Longest Lobster Roll as a world record, that if successful, will secure a place in the renown Guinness Book of World Records.

Not only is the event a record setting attempt, but it is for a good cause. Coordinated by Portland Maine’s West End Neighborhood Association (WENA) and Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™, the idea to build the world’s longest lobster roll as a fund raising event was inspired by children who frequent the Reiche Library in Portland’s West End.

Michael Whittaker, a librarian and member of the association couldn’t help notice how excited the children would get when looking through the Guinness Book of World Records.

“I used to read the book from cover-to-cover and think about what records I could break or make when I got older. And then it hit me: why not a fund raising event to pay for the kids’ swimming lessons this year – all built around making the world’s longest lobster roll?” thought Whittaker.

Many of the children are first generation Americans. The West End Neighborhood Association has perhaps the most culturally diverse group of school children of any school in Maine. There is a real need for learning how to swim.

After the record setting Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll has been carefully assembled and certified for Guinness World Book of Records, it will be sold to festival attendees to raise funds to support the West End Neighborhood Association’s Swimming Scholarship Fund.

The funds raised during the event will benefit nearly 250 children that live in Portland’s West End which is considered the most demographically diverse neighborhood in the state of Maine in terms of race, income, education and country of origin.

“The Maine Lobster Promotion Council is very excited to be involved and give our support to such a positive, uplifting event,” Somers said. “The benefits to Portland’s West End youth and the tie in with Maine’s signature crustacean couldn’t show the world more how Maine values its children and our long-standing traditions of lobstering in Maine. Protecting its resource through years of commitment and long-term conservation methods, Maine’s lobstermen and women have provided our youth with a sustainable fishery for generations to come.”

Other Maine sponsors who will be participating and donating their products for the record setting attempt are:

• Summit Spring Water
• Oakhurst Dairy
• Maine Root Soda
• Native Maine Produce
• Kate’s Butter
• Lucky Catch Cruises
• Amato’s Bakery
• J.J. Nissan Bakery
• Sysco
• Madhouse Munchies

The Guinness World Record™ attempt will take place between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM on Commercial Street during the Old Port Festival.